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Perky Pet Portraits

Our pet portraits capture more than a camera ever could, using vivid colour and enhancing texture, depicting personality and character.

I aim to capture how you see your loved one, creating a painting through your eyes.

My Process:

To capture their spirit, I need you to tell me a little about your pet – a description of their personality and their physical features. This can be as long or as short as you like, no pressure! Maybe they’re a cheeky chap with an expression to match, a big dopey dog who loves his ball or a perfect little lady who is queen kitty!


Ideally I’d like a few photographs of your pet – one main photograph which your pet portrait will be based on and a few additional shots to capture those special details.


The better the quality of the photographs the better the end result  -


  • Use the highest resolution camera you have available to take sharp photographs

  • Use a good natural light source, outside works best or near a window

  • Get close-up, detailed shots at your pet’s eye level (lie down or crouch close to your pet to take that perfect shot)

  • Capture your pet’s typical or preferred expression

  • Take plenty of photographs to capture all the details for your portrait

  • Most importantly, make it fun for your pet! Have lots of treats, toys and smiles! It can take a while to get the perfect shots and if they’re not feeling it, there’s always tomorrow!


For group portraits, don’t worry if you can’t get both pets in the same photo – I can work from individual photos. (Extra charges may apply)


Alternatively I can visit your pet to take photographs and sketch (depending on your pet’s activity levels!). Extra charges will apply depending on travel distance and number of pets, however we try to ensure that this remains under £50.


Different background options are available and will be discussed to ensure you’re completely happy. I will make a suggestion based on talking with you and seeing your photographs. Painted abstract backgrounds work well as do blank and coloured backgrounds.


Your unique Pet Portrait will be painted in acrylics (oils and digital painting also available). You have the option of either a more traditional, softer paintbrush application or more textured, bold palette knives. You can see examples of both styles to help you decide your preference. Extra charges and timescales apply for paintbrush style.

What To Do Next:

Simply fill out the Enquiry Form


download the form below and email to us at along with your photographs:

Please provide a few photographs of your pet – one main photograph which your pet portrait will be based on, and a few additional detail shots. Alternatively, I can visit your pet to take photographs and sketch (Extra charges will apply).

We will email you within 2 working days and seek to arrange a consultation to discuss your pet portrait - this can be face-to-face (depending on distance), telephone or through Facetime/Skype.

When you are completely happy, we will agree a timescale which will commence when the first installment is paid.

We're taking a break for maternity leave. We're so excited to welcome our first child into the world so will be focusing on him (a baby boy!) We hope you'll want to commission us when we return.

Best wishes,

Helen and Baby Max



Standard Timescale for acrylic painting 4 – 6 weeks

(Includes varnishing)

Please allow extra 2 weeks for Paintbrush Portraits

Tara's experience:

"Losing Daisy, my miniature

dachshund, hit me very hard

and I wanted to do something to

remember her. I remembered

seeing Helen's stand in Leeds

and contacted her about a

painting of Daisy. Helen was

lovely to deal with right from the

start and very professional. We discussed in detail the sort of thing I wanted, she also helped with bits I wasn't sure about. She kept in touch with progress updates and sent loads of photos of the painting. The finished result is perfect, I couldn't have asked for anything more, the perfect tribute to my little Daisy. Helen is very talented and has created a beautiful painting which I will treasure for years to come"

Tara, Lincolnshire, November 2017

General Pricing for Acrylic Pet Portrait Painting:

If you have a particular size in mind that is not listed, please feel free to ask.


Shipping charges may apply at standard postage/courier rates

For multiple pets, please get in touch for a tailored quote


** Discounts available for unusual pets (it pays to be different!) **

Payments are made in 3 installments – the first immediately, the second 2 weeks later (a ‘painting in-progress’ picture is supplied at this point) and the final is paid on completion.


If you’re on a budget and can’t quite stretch for a custom acrylic pet portrait, don’t worry! We can go digital!

Digital Pet Portrait £150

(Reduced timescale: 2 - 4 weeks. Payments made in 2 installments)

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