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about me

Hi I’m Helen, the Perky Painter, Welcome the perky painting world!

My speciality is happy art; cheerful, colourful and bold, for the young at heart!

The Perky Painter combines my personality and passion.

All artwork is created in my Perky Studios in Leeds, Yorkshire.



I use acrylic paint in confident, energetic applications of pure colour to create bright, modern paintings. Deconstructing colour in my subjects and bringing them to life on the canvas in an explosion of hues. I show my application of paint clearly; from intricate brush strokes to lively applications of pure colour with palette knives. Constructing a rich dialogue with the viewer, sharing the experience of how the art was formed.

Expression is central in my popular animal paintings, delightfully capturing personality and forming a warm familiarity with the viewer.


My simple, bold digital paintings feature characters shaped through the alteration of a simplified animal form by combining these with a familiar theme to create humorous characters. I like to call my creative process “Maths Art” – the visual equation of adding two ideas. One of my most popular character sets are the “Fruinimals” who are fruit-animals. Other themes include Christmas, bows, flowers and machines, including “Rockguin” the Rocket-Penguin.


I use bright, solid colours and clear, imperfect lines to capture a childlike innocence and inventiveness. This work is a favourite amongst children, families and young adults. My digital art generates fantastic interaction between the viewers and the characters, creating a group activity exploring the character combinations.


Gift Collection:

I want people without either the means, need or desire for on the wall paintings to be able to access my art. With this in mind, I have developed a varied product range from my paintings and digital art to do just this, including wrapping paper, mugs, tote bags, stationary and small gift items.


Commissions and Pet Portraits:

For something extra special, commission a unique artwork created just for you - from Pet Portraits with character to exclusive painted stair risers for all your family to enjoy.


Animals are a favourite subject of mine, depicting personality and character. In my Pet Portraits I capture how you the owner sees their loved one, creating a painting through your eyes. Learn more about our Pet Portraits here


In every piece I create I show something more than a photograph ever could. Using vivid colour and enhancing texture I convey feeling and expression.

If you are interested in a one-of-a-kind piece made especially for you, please contact me at

We're taking a break for maternity leave. We're so excited to welcome our first child into the world so will be focusing on him (a baby boy!) We hope you'll want to shop/create/chat with us again when we return. Best wishes,

Helen and Baby Max


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