top of page FRUINIMAL POSTER WITH MUGS Fruinimal badges mixed 2 (1 of 1) Fruinimal  badge box PeachyB Mirror Fruinimal Mugs 2 Fruinimal Fridge Magnets on board 1 Fruinimal Fridge Magnet Foxange Fruinimal Raspbaary badge Fruinimal Fridge Magnets on board 2 Fruinimal Fridge Magnet Pearguin Fruinimal Mugs 3 Fruinimal Fridge Magnet Rackiwi Fruinimal Mugs 4 Fruinimal Fridge Magnet dolphinana Fruinimal Rapple badge Fruinimal aproarcot badge Fruinimal Pandappple badge Fruinimal Fridge Magnet cherryphant magnet Fruinimal grape a too Fruinimal mixed badges Fruinimal Mugs 5 Fruinimal Mugs 6 Fruinimal Peachy B badge Fruinimal Fridge Magnet turtlemon

The Fruinimals are the Fun Fruity Friends of the New Freako-System!

Their Simple, Bold Design Plays on Shape Creating Whimsical Characters from Familiar Fruits

and Animals

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