Ceramic mug featuring 2 adorable pun Fruit-Animal characters


This comical mug and gift box stars our favourite Fruinimal characters. Have a cup of tea with friends Foxange (Fox/Orange) and Rackiwi (Raccoon/Kiwi Fruit with this awesome ceramic mug!


Comes in their very own matching mug box – gift ready for you!


Sweetness Guaranteed!!

Foxange & Rackiwi Fruinimal Mug

SKU: 22277770606
  • 1 x mug in matching gift box


    Features Foxange (Fox/Orange) on one side and Rackiwi (Raccoon/Kiwi Fruit) on the other.

    10oz / 284ml Ceramic Mug, the diameter of the brim measures approx. 8cm
    Mug Box made from 400gsm card with a classy matte laminate finish, approx. 10cm (h) x 10.5cm (w) x 9.5cm (d)

    No standard mug - So high quality we're fade resistant up to 2,000 washes!


    Care instructions:

    Microwave safe
    Dishwasher safe